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I just bought the game but now I'm stuck. I won't pay $16 for the All Passwords.txt download and I can't figure out how to break these passwords

Google is your friend.

I tried Google but nothing showed up but two different links to the game on this site

Search the questions given to you and put them into Google, you'll find the answers.

I tried but found nothing on google

Hi, we're going to release an update soon that fixes the wording of questions to make them easier, sorry for the lack of detail in the questions.

Thank you for your feedback :)

I would absolutely love to play this but sadly i currently have no money

so i have to buy the NSFW pictures for £5.00 GBP but if i want to unzip them i need to pay £20 GBP thats so stupid.

The game is using the hints provided in the £5 file to unlock the pictures, the £20 option is for people who don't want to use their brain. It's a fair price for the amount of art my partner has put into this.

I agree. This is a fun and interactive alternative.


I hope this message finds you well. First off, let me begin by acknowledging the tremendous effort it takes to create a game - indie or otherwise - and your choice to delve into this industry is truly admirable. However, as a passionate, dedicated, and seasoned gamer, there are a few points I feel compelled to raise about the pricing of your recent game. Please take these critiques as constructive feedback, delivered in the spirit of fostering an even better gaming community.

When I compare the price point of £20 GBP for your game to other games on the market, I find it a bit steep. It's critical to understand that in today's competitive indie game market, pricing is not just about covering costs but also about perceived value. For instance, a well-rounded indie game with a captivating storyline, innovative mechanics, and polished art, priced at £20 GBP, offers tangible value to its audience, thereby justifying its cost.

In contrast, your recent increase from £5.00 GBP to £20 GBP appears to stem from enhancements that seem to already exist in the game rather than newly introduced elements. Such a significant price hike is bound to raise eyebrows in any context, let alone in a market teeming with well-priced, high-quality options. Though the inclusion of your partner's artwork undoubtedly contributes to the overall appeal, it's crucial to assess whether the incremental value it offers justifies such a stark price increase.

Evaluating the pricing purely from an art perspective, I've come across various other games or even comics where the artists have invested a comparable, if not more significant, amount of time and effort, yet their products were priced far more reasonably. The disparity in pricing between those products and yours, despite comparable artistic input, is a point of concern for me.

Of course, I understand that game development, especially for indie developers, is often a labor of love, and the determination to get a return on your hard work is perfectly valid. However, the balance between monetizing your effort and maintaining a competitive and fair price for your player base can be a delicate one to strike.

As a passionate gamer, my critique is rooted in my desire for a sustainable, fair, and diverse gaming ecosystem. High prices can often act as a barrier, excluding many potential players, thereby shrinking the community. More importantly, steep pricing can set a dangerous precedent, encouraging other developers to inflate their prices unjustifiably.

In conclusion, while I respect your freedom to price your game as you see fit, I hope you consider these points as a voice representing a segment of your potential audience. We all have our standards, and the benchmarks we use to evaluate the value of a game extend beyond just its price tag. By sharing my opinion, I hope to help refine those benchmarks and contribute to a more equitable gaming industry.

Keep developing, keep creating, and keep contributing to the world of gaming. We need creators like you to continue pushing the boundaries and offering us new experiences. However, as you do so, I urge you to reflect on your pricing strategies, taking into account not just your creative investment but also the perceived value and affordability for your audience.

I look forward to seeing what you create next and wish you every success in your gaming endeavors. Cheers!

We have dropped the price of this game to $1 and it's only $20 to get all the passwords to the file to basically P2W. The game is finding the passwords and unlocking the art pieces, not the password file. Please purchase the game and play it before making a critique, it would benefit both of us.